Professor Kevin Petrie MA(RCA) PhD

National Teaching Fellow

email: kevinpetrie70@gmail.com



2021-2 Turps Painters Correspondence Course

2010    National Teaching Fellow. The Higher Education Academy

2001    Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education. University of Sunderland

1999    PhD, Water-based ceramic transfer printing – The development and creative use of a new on-glaze screenprinting system. Centre for Fine Print Research, University of the West of England, Bristol

1995    MA Ceramics and Glass, The Royal College of Art, London

1993    BA (Hons) Illustration, University of Westminster

Selected Exhibitions

2023 Other Journeys – Paintings and Drawing by Kevin Petrie (solo). The Gallery. Gateshead Central Library

2022 Washington Open Exhibition 2022: Spotlight. Arts Centre Washington

2022 Open Exhibition 2022. Gallagher & Turner, Newcastle

2021 The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog – An exhibition of 93 Turps Correspondence Course artists. Presented by Cohort.Art

2022    Sucker Succour. ‘The Sunderland Pavilion at the Wrong Biennale’, The Priestman Gallery, Sunderland

2020    Northern Lights. The Wall North Contemporary (online)

2020    Hot New It. Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens, Sunderland. Curated by the Spaghetti Factory

2019    Mass. Breeze Creatives. Newcastle

2019    City by the Sea. A surfboard design commission for The Beam, Sunderland

2019    Journeys – Painted Reliefs by Kevin Petrie (Solo). National Glass Centre, Sunderland

2019    NGC21. National Glass Centre, Sunderland

2017    2017 Hangzhou International Contemporary Glass Art Exhibition. China Academy of Art (CAA), College of Crafts CAA, Crafts Museum of CAA, China

2016    Drawing – An Expressive Gesture with the advantage of permanence. National Glass Centre

2015    British Glass Biennale. Ruskin Glass Centre, Stourbridge

2010    Glass North East. Houses of Parliament, London

2010    Eisch Gallery, Frauenue, Germany

2009    Glass Echoes2, The Crypt, St Pancreas Church, London

2008/9 Kevin Petrie Three drawings. Baron House, Newcastle.

2008    Wearside – Drawings by Kevin Petrie (Solo). St Peter’s Chapter House, Monkwearmouth

2008    Times Lines – Kevin Petrie Drawings on Glass and Paper (Solo). The twin Churches of St Peter’s, Monkwearmouth and St Paul’s, Jarrow and Bede’s World Museum of Saxon Life

2008    British Glass Biennale. Ruskin Glass Centre, Stourbridge


National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh

National Glass Centre, Sunderland, UK

The Parallel Media Group, London

North Lands Creative Glass, Scotland

Dan Klein and Alan Poole, London

Anla Glas, Denmark

Espace Verre, Montreal, Canada

Sacriston Health Centre, County Durham, UK

Private Collections

Books featuring Kevin Petrie’s artworks

Cane, K. (2013) Making and Drawing. London: A&C Black (Publishers) Ltd

Cummings, C. (2009) Contemporary Kiln Formed Glass. London; A&C Black (Publishers) Ltd and USA: University of Pennsylvania Press

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Hoskins, S. (2001) Water-based Screenprinting. London: A&C Black (Publishers) Ltd

Scott, P. (2001) Painted Clay Graphic Arts & the Ceramic Surface. London: A&C Black (Publishers) Ltd

Exhibition curation

2013    Erwin Eisch. Clouds have been my foothold all along. National Glass Centre. Curated with Julia Stephenson

2012    Kith and Kin II – New Glass and Ceramics. National Glass Centre. Curated with Prof Peter Davies

2011    Kith and Kin – New Glass and Ceramics. National Glass Centre. Curated with Prof Peter Davies

Publications: Authored books

Petrie, K. (2011) Ceramic Transfer Printing. London: A&C Black Ltd and Ohio: American Ceramic Circle

Petrie, K. (2006) Glass and Print. London: A&C Black and Pennsylvania: University of Pennsylvania Press USA

Publications: Edited books

Livingstone, A and Petrie, K. (2017) Ceramics: A Reader. Bloomsbury Academic

Publications: Book chapters and essays

Petrie, K. (2021) ‘Reflections on the art of Erwin Eisch’. In: Erwin Eisch – Heaven starts on Earth. Exhibition Catalogue. Wasmer Art Gallery, Florida Gulf Coast University, USA

Hayes, Catherine, Hinshaw, Kim and Petrie, Kevin (2017) ‘Reconceptualising Medical Curriculum Design in Strategic Clinical Leadership Training for 21st Century Physicians’. In: Preparing Physicians to Lead in the Twenty First Century. IGI Global, USA

Livingstone, A., Petrie, K., Sarmiento, S., and Watkinson, C. (2015) ‘Real World Student Experience at Masters level in Art and Design: Case Studies from Glass and Ceramics’, in: Kneale, P. (Ed), Masters Level Teaching, Learning and Assessment: Issues in Design and Delivery. Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan

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Petrie, K. (2012) ‘Windows onto our world – Erwin Eisch and Printmaking from Glass’, in: Eisch-Angus, K. Kohl, I., Schrott, K., and the Erwin & Gretel Eisch Foundation. (Eds),  Erwin Eisch: Wolken waren schon immer mein letzter Halt. Glas und Bilder /Erwin Eisch: Clouds have been my foothold all along. Glass and Paintings. Munich: Hirmer [In German and English]

Petrie, K. (2007) ‘Glass and Print – Precedents, Meanings and Perspectives’, in:  Davies, P., (Ed), Glass – North East. Sunderland: Arts Editions North

Publications: Journal articles

Petrie, K. (2019) ‘On Glass, in Glass, of Glass: Some Developments in the Combination of Glass and Printmaking’. MDPI Arts, 8 (1). ISSN 2076-0752

Hannam, K., Thompson, F., and Petrie, K., (2012) ‘Producing Ceramic Art Works Through Tourism Research’. Annals of Tourism Research, 39 (1). pp. 336-360. ISSN 0160-7383

Petrie, K. (2011)  ‘Printmaking for Ceramics and Glass – Intersections & Counterpoints’. in: IMPACT 7 – International Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking Conference, Monash University, Caulfield (Victoria), Australia

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Keynotes and presentations

Petrie, K. (2013) ‘How ceramic transfer printing can change your life! 2nd Print and Clay Symposium. Australia National University, Canberra. Keynote and workshop

Petrie, K. (2011) ‘Blending subjects and the enhancement of postgraduate teaching in glass and ceramics’. Creative Learning and Teaching symposium, Higher Education Academy. National Glass Centre. Keynote speaker

Petrie, K. (2010) ‘Glass and Print: Blending approaches for innovation in creative glass’. Creativity and innovation in Glass conference. British Glass Biennale, University of Wolverhampton. Invited Keynote lecture

Petrie, K. (2010) ‘Glass and the Printed Image: Case Studies from Contemporary Art’. The IMAGE – International Conference, University of California, Los Angeles, USA

Petrie, K. (2009) ‘Parallels and Connections: An Introduction’. Parallels and Connections: A Ceramics and Glass Research Student Conference. 18th-20th March, National Glass Centre. IIRG/ University Research Informed teaching Project. Co-Organiser

Petrie, K. (2007) ‘Parallels and Connections: An Introduction’. Parallels and Connections: A Ceramics and Glass Research Student Conference. 1st & 2nd March, National Glass Centre. IIRG/AHRC funded. Co-Organiser

Petrie, K. (2006) ‘Printing onto glass in the creative sector: precedents and emerging perspectives’. Society of Glass Technology European Conference. Co-organiser of the ‘Art meets Science’ strand. Also a session chair

Petrie, K. (2006) ‘Glass and Print: Precedents and perspectives. Glass and Print: An appreciation of the combination of printmaking with contemporary glass practice’. Glass and Print. A one-day IIRG symposium at the Royal College of Art, London 26th Oct 2006. Co-organizer with Prof Martin Smith, RCA

Petrie, K. (2005) ‘Art and Science in Glass and Ceramics – Case studies from the post-graduate art and design sector’ Atoms to Art conference. Manchester City Art Gallery

Petrie, K. (2005) ‘Glass and Print – Precedents, Meanings and Perspectives’. Edge symposium. National Glass Centre

Petrie, K. (2003) ‘Interrogating Objects, The Importance of Handling’Craft Curators Day. Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Petrie, K. (2001)‘Teaching, Learning and Research for the Creative Professions – Art & Design research – Case Studies and Strategies from the field of Ceramics and Glass’. Rajabhat Institute Suan Sunuanha, Bangkok, Thailand

Logan, A and Petrie, K. (1996) ‘Science and Art in Ceramics’. The Royal Institute, London. Poster presentation in collaboration with the Faculty of Applied Sciences, UWE. Winner of best poster

Academic and management roles

2018-present. Head of The School of Art & Design’ – University of Sunderland.

2008-present. Professor of Glass and Ceramics – University of Sunderland

Prior academic experience

2014-2018       Team Leader: Visual Arts– University of Sunderland

2010 – 2014    Team Leader – Glass and Ceramics (and Foundation), University of Sunderland

2014                Programme Leader: BA(Hons) Glass and Ceramics

2003-11           Programme Leader: MA Glass & MA Ceramics

2003-8             Senior Lecturer. University of Sunderland

2001-3             Lecturer 0.6. University of Sunderland

2000-1             0.4 Research Associate (AHRC), University of the West of England

2000                Lecturer in Ceramics 0.4 University of Sunderland

1995-99           Full time PhD student with bursary, University of the West of England

Selected international visiting lecturing and teaching

2019                IACT, Malaysia. Lecture

2012                Sydney College of the Arts, Australia. Lecture

2011                Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. Lecture

2011/13           Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. Lectures and workshops for Glass department

2011/13           China Academy of Art, Hang Zhou, China. Lectures

2011/13           Shanghai Institute of Visual Art, China. Lectures

2010                Bild Werk, International Spring Academy, Frauenau, Germany. Workshop with Mark Angus: Painting and Print for Glass

2009                University of Durham. Vitae event for postgraduate researchers. Careers in Academia in the arts and humanities. Being a successful early career researcher

2008                Denmark Design School, Copenhagen. Lecture

2008                Espace Verre, Montreal, Canada. Master Class for professional artists from Quebec.       Glass and Print. Part funded by the Quebec Government

2008                Anla Glas, Denmark. Two Glass and Print Master Classes for Danish professional artists

2007                Hong Kong Baptist University – Academy of Visual Arts. Lecture

2005                Australia National University, Canberra, Australia. Lecture

2001                Rajabhat Institute Changmai, Thailand. Lecture